Winix Air Purifier C535

Winix Air Purifier C535

Winix Air Purifier C535: Review & Specs 2019

Winix makes a wonderful class of air purifiers and Winix Air Purifier C535 is an attractive air purifier in all aspects. It has decent filtration performance, well spec including Auto/ Sleep mode and a price everyone can agree on.  Winix is a great brand with many different air purifiers on offer. The fact that Winix is putting more effort into this segment with the series of low-range devices, continues to show the impact of this company to the consumers with low on budget. But what makes the c535 different from the others? What makes this model the most suitable one for you, if at all? Let’s go into the details and pull it apart.  So far, we have done the Winix Air Purifier C535 Review to help you know whether to buy it or not.

Winix Air Purifier C535 , best air

Winix Air Purifier C535 Features

Winix Air Purifier C535 has many features, true HEPA filter, ability to capture allergens, odor eliminating and use of the super advanced PlasmaWave technology. Winix Air Purifier c535 would suit someone who prefers pale, snowy-colored appliances in their home. The exterior is a fresh white color, with a black control panel. It’s a larger model than others on the market and has a wide, rectangular shape.

True HEPA Filters

Winix Air Purifier C535 , best air

The Winix Air Purifier c535 is no different, and the combination of both True HEPA filter and PlasmaWave Technology is pretty on the top of general air filtration in low-range. It has a 3-stage system with a true-HEPA filter, carbon filter for reducing odors, and PlasmaWave for neutralising nasties such as smells, gasses and bacteria. The True HEPA Filter that captures 99.97% of as small as 0.3 microns allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold and fungi particles. Some other techniques that do not include filters are just eliminating particles by removing them from the air, but they will still stay in the room. And that is the essential feature of Winix C535, ability to remove airborne particles from the room.

PlasmaWave Technology

PlasmaWave basically gets rid of harmful bugs in the air such as viruses, bacteria and pollutants. This technology is one kind of ionizer, which can further reduce the amount of pollutants. PlasmaWave technology has the power to neutralize gasses, toxins, bacteria, viruses, and smells. With combining PlasmaWave Technology with the use of carbon filters, you can be assured that the bad odor will be removed from your home in no time. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified the Winix PlasmaWave technology as “ozone free”, but this means that the ozone emitted is beneath a certain threshold. this is one kinds of ionizers. However, the normal ionizer will emit only negative ions to charge the pollutants back to something like a collector plate. The PlasmaWave, however, emits both negative and positive ions, to form hydroxyls that attack airborne pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, germs, odors, and chemical gases (VOCs).

Winix Air Purifier C535

Remote Controlled

Winix Air Purifier c535 comes with a simple remote controller through which you can choose settings and turn on features and options. By using a remote controller, you won’t need to stand up and go to the corner to set the fan speed on a higher level. As long as you are within a 20-foot radius of the unit, you can control the fan speed and mode without getting up. ave the remote next to the bed and either switch the unit off, or adjust the mode to “sleep” without leaving the sheets.


Winix Air Purifier C535

When you look at Winix Air Purifier c535, you will see an average size box that will fit any room. The box is nothing special and even if you place it in the middle of the room people will just ignore it. It is enough for the 23.6-inch air purifier to be firmly put anywhere in your home without weirdness. The Winix Air Purifier c535 is only 15.4 lbs, and with two handles from both sides, you can move this air purifier easily. Also, because of the small base, the Winix c535 must be put on hard and plat surfaces to work properly. On top of the Winix Air Purifier c535, we will have the traditional control panel, as well as the air outlet grill. Below is the LED light indicator, which indicate the current indoor air quality.

Room Coverage of Winix Air Purifier c535

The room coverage of this air purifier is 360 square feet. The CADR of Winix Air Purifier c535 is 243 Dust/ 232 Smoke/ 246 Pollen (cfm). With the higher CADR rating than most of other Winix devices.

Remove Allergens & Bad Odor

With this air purifier, you will remove mold spores, dust, pet dander. Polen, microbes and even smoke from the room. By removing allergens, your allergies will not be triggered so often or even at all. Usually, air purifiers have activated carbon filter which is not that big. Any carbon filter will remove odor, but the efficiency and power are measured by the size. The bigger the carbon filter it will faster remove bad smells. Now I said that Winix C535 has four carbon filters, that only means that Winix Air Purifier c535 is the ideal device to eliminate bad odors.

Winix Air Purifier C535

Noise Level of Winix Air Purifier c535

In the case of Winix Air Purifier c535, the noise level is only 28 decibels (db), which is lower than even the whisper. Of course, when you run the air purifier on Turbo setting, you will hear the sound, but it is just one kind of white noise and won’t distract you.

Power Consumption

Power consumption of this Winix C535 is about 70 watts. For using Winix C535 8 hours per day, it would cost you about $25 per year (approx.).


The Winix Air Purifier C535 launched at $199, and will drop down a lot if you follow our deal later.

Winix Air Purifier C535 , best air


The pre-filter is a permanent filter which needs to be cleaned every 2 weeks. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove gathered dust. If it’s still not looking good, give it a quick rinse with plain water and leave to dry. Carbon pre-filter is certainly NOT washable, it must be replaced every 3 months. True-HEPA filter is also NOT washable and it must be replaced every 12 months.

There are 2 true-HEPA filters and 8 carbon pre-filters in the box with the air purifier. These will last you for two years, which is pretty great. You need to do both, clean and replace. The pre-filter is permanent and needs to be cleaned every fortnight for the best efficiency. However, the carbon pre-filter cannot be washed and it must be replaced every 3 months. The true-HEPA filter cannot be washed either and it must be replaced once a year. There is a “check filter” light to indicate when you need to check and replace the true HEPA filter.

Again, we will have to cry for the air filter cost of a Winix air purifier. With the Winix Air Purifier c535, you need to pay for $69 each year. This price is at least $20 higher than the average of other air purifiers in the low-range.

PROS AND CONS of Winix Air Purifier C535

+ Great value for money
+ Affordable Air Purifier & Filters
+ Solid built
+ Great performance with PlasmaWave technology
+ High-Quality Brand
+ High Filter Efficiency
+ Powerful odor Removing System
+ Reduced coughing and allergy symptoms
+ Removes 99.97% Airborne Particles
+ Ideal for 360 Square Feet Room
+ Very quiet
– Bright lights on control panel
– Annoying turn-on tune
– Some still claim that PlasmaWave irritate asthma


Winix Air Purifier C535 , best air

You are having many good reasons to give it a try like the quality of the production and value for money you will be getting. Winix is a company that is a long time working on air purifiers. Because of that long-lasting tradition they can offer you good warranty plans which ensure your device is working correctly. Yes, the filtration, quietness and odor-reducing abilities are great.

I can recommend it to everyone. People who are just looking for fresh, clean air all the way to the people fighting against allergies, everyone can use Winix C535. The price of the C535 is affordable, and everyone can get it. Maintenance costs are low, the energy spent on running Winix C535 is also low. 



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