ventless air conditioner

ventless air conditioner

Best Ventless Air Conditioner : Reviews & Guide for 2019

A ventless air conditioner goes by several names, such as a swamp cooler and an evaporative air conditioner. From the name itself, this technology has some characteristics that need a little bit of explaining so you’d understand how it differs from other types of air conditioning systems. So let’s break it down and find out what a vent-free AC system really is.

Ventless air conditioner, as the name suggests is a type of air conditioner that doesn’t use a hose for ventilation. Instead, it uses a tank of water and the natural process of water evaporation to cool warm air and a fan to expel the newly cooled air into the room. Strictly speaking, it’s not an air conditioner, since air conditioning — in which the air is treated, chilled, dehumidified and filtered— must be vented to the outside, to pump the heat out. It is, rather, a portable version of the large-scale swamp coolers that can be used to cool larger homes.

Although an HVAC engineer would politely remind you that a ventless portable air conditioner is not true A/C, the name has more or less stuck. It can still be a good solution to cool the air for summertime comfort in the right conditions and for certain budgets. The alternative and budget way to create cool air indoors with a free-standing, movable unit is to get a ventless air conditioner. This type of device does not employ a refrigerant plus compressor system to create cool air, and so does not produce any heat. Simply put, these coolers do not need to be vented and are therefore truly “ventless” coolers.

If you’re looking for a ductless portable air conditioner, then what you need is a ventless air conditioner. Actually, a portable air conditioner without vent is something that does not even exist. Evaporative coolers are the best ventless air conditioner with no vent alternative. They rely on the evaporation of moisture to create cold air that is forced through and out of the unit by a powerful fan. The air comes into the unit, is saturated with moisture and blasted out many degrees colder than it went in. The ventless air conditioner, which is actually an affordable cooling appliance that works by evaporating water, is just what you need. It brings the possibility of making your space more convenient by allowing cool and humid air to circulate in every corner.

Best 3 Ventless Air Conditioners

The ventless air conditioner are much more affordable than actual air conditioners. They come in a range of sizes and shapes. To help you choose which fits your needs the most, we’ve placed below a list of 10 of the best ventless portable air conditioner in the market.

1. Honeywell CO30XE Ventless Air Conditioner (For Small area)

Ventless Air Conditioner , Honeywell CO30XE
+ Best performance
+ 1-year warranty
+ Features like body-level air throw and humidity control
+ Can be used both indoors and outdoors
+ Weather resistant
+ Remote control, Water low alarm, energy saver, LED control panel
+ 1000+ positive Amazon reviews
- Suitable for small-medium places only

The Honeywell CO30XE ventless air conditioner is the best energy saving evaporative cooler. It’s a low-noise generating unit that is capable of chilling a dry and humid room in a few minutes. This is having 3 fan speed. You can choose the lowest speed if you want it to operate silently.

It is having a 7.9-gallon water tank which is needed to be replenished every 48 hours under normal circumstances so you can enjoy cooling continuously. Also equipped with a low water alarm so you get to know when the water level is low. It is having 525 CFM rating and it covers up to 320 sq. ft. which makes it ideal for most home applications. It uses only 52 watts of power.

Its other features include four cooling speeds which is great. Also, an LED control panel which looks very trendy. Its oscillation mode is also an added advantage over others. It comes with a remote control that makes it easy to operate the unit. You can also program the unit to work for up to 7.5 hours using the timer which enables you to sleep or work without having to worry about the AC.

The unit may cover a small area but its performance is top-notch.  If you want to cool a small indoor space without using too much power then this should be your pick.

2. Hessaire MC18M Ventless Air Conditioner (For Medium size area)

Ventless Air Conditioner  , Hessaire MC18M
+ 500 sq ft area coverage
+ Wheels add to portability
+ Garden hose adapter
- Shorter 1 year warranty
- Not water resistant

This is a good evaporative cooler for large workshops and offices or sometimes for bigger houses. It has an airflow rating of up to 1,300 CFM and it covers up to 500 sq. ft. which is a bigger space most portable evaporative coolers for, which is another reason it cools large areas so well. There are not many other quality products exist for cush medium size rooms.

Hessaire MC18M ventless air conditioner is equipped with 4 fan speeds for your comfort. The water is not much bigger having only 4.8 gallons of water capacity. This unit also features a garden hose adapter so that you no longer have to bother with water tanks. The cooler has wheels and a carrying handle to help you move it around and make it actually portable. This evaporative cooler is very lightweight, which adds to its mobility. 

If you are looking for a good cooler that will not cost you a large amount of money, then this unit is one more model that you have to consider.

3. Honeywell CO60PM Ventless Air Conditioner (For Large area)

Ventless Air Conditioner  , Honeywell CO60PM
+ 800 sq ft area coverage
+ Powerful machine
+ Faster cooling
+ Bigger tank and hose attachment
- Not best energy efficient
- Short warranty

Honeywell CO60PM ventless air conditioner is fit for larger spaces as this one is more powerful and heavy too. The capacity of cooling up to 850 square feet with an airflow rating of 1540 CFM and has extra-wide 16-inch fan blades and cut-outs on 3 sides for delivering cooling airflow. Also having a bigger water tank with a capacity of 15.9 gallons water storage that can last around 10 hours. If you wish to cool down even faster, there is also an ice compartment you can fill up.

In comparison with other air cooler units of equal capability, the Honeywell CO60PM lags behind only in terms of energy usage. There are some units that consume only half of the CO60PM’s 220 watts but aren’t that much weaker.

The Honeywell CO60PM is meant for both commercial and residential usage and offers a powerful alternative for those who want their air coolers to move beyond the basic spot cooling.

Why choose it?

If you were hesitating of buying an evaporative air conditioner, here are some things which will encourage you in making such a purchase.

Easy Installation: Ventless air conditioners don’t need to be vented outdoors so no venting is required. They are so lightweight and portable that any person can install it without any extra help. Hence no extra installation cost. When someone is having a transferable type of job, then this installation cost occurs again and again but in case of ventless air conditioner, you don’t have to worry.

Less Expensive: These units are less expensive than the vented air conditioners but not weaker in performance in comparison. It also consumes less energy.

Environment Friendly: No harmfull gases are released or no refrigerants are used in this.

Fully Portable: All ventless air conditioners and lightweight and also designed with wheels and handle so these can be moved anywhere conveniently. If your stay is not permanent then it is very convenient for you to carry when you move on to another place.

Looks: Today these ventless air conditioners come in many modern looks which just adds to the beauty of the atmosphere.

It does not work well in hot, humid climates.

What size suits you

When you have decided to buy, you should know what size of ventless air conditioner you should buy, otherwise, your purchase will end up in a costly, inconvenient and inefficient purchase.

While shopping for an air conditioner, you’ll come to know about an efficiency rating: CFM

CFM for ventless air conditioners is a number. These numbers pertain to a maximum square footage that the air conditioner can handle.

These numbers must be taken care of while making a purchase of a ventless air conditioner so that you will get only that machine which is just suitable for your room size and works effectively and efficiently.

Firstly, measure the length and width of the room you want to put the ventless AC unit in. For odd lengths, round up or down to the nearest whole foot number. Then multiply these two numbers together. This will give you the square footage (area) of the room.

The CFM ratings don’t always match up exactly with the square footage measurements as calculated by us. But ventless air conditioner includes the maximum square footage along with the CFM number in the product description. So, you don’t have to worry about getting the CFM number wrong, just look for the recommended square footage as we have included in our reviews.

Above we have recommended 3 different ventless air conditioner which caters the demand of different area sizes. These units can do the job very efficiently. Each unit has a fan that effectively blows air as it evaporates the moisture, which creates a really comfortable cold air thereby reducing room temperature.



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